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ABM Combustion was at UK Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Show. (July 2016)

UK AD & Biogas


ABM Combustion wins 2 flare orders for large scale meat processing plants. (June 2016)


ABM Combustion was at the Bioenergy Australia conference in Tasmania. (December 2015)

Bioenergy Australia 2015


ABM Combustion is a semi-finalist in the Australian Technology Competition. (June 2015)

Australian Technology Competition


ABM Combustion has recently delivered a biogas flare and gas compression systems to abattoirs in Queensland and New South Wales. (March & June 2015)

WWT Project


ABM Combustion was at BIOGAS 2015 | International Convention and Trade Fair in Bremen, Germany in January 2015. (Jan 2015)



ABM Combustion has joined Bioenergy Australia. Bioenergy Australia is a government-industry alliance fostering the development of bioenergy in Australia. (Aug 2014)

Bioenergy Australia


ABM Combustion's SEF050 flare has been installed as a solution to greenhouse gases generated by the landfill gas emissions at the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre in Terrey Hills in Sydney's outer northern suburbs. (April 2014)

Kimbriki landfill gas flare


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