Biogas Systems

For a biogas system to be functional the complete system must be specified and designed correctly.

Passive parts of the biogas system such as pipework design and layout are often overlooked. This can have significant impact on how well the system works. The biogas system design and sizing of other major components such as the control system, biogas flare and blower are critical to a successful project.

The control system can be either via local PLC or via the Plant Control System with ABM Combustion providing a Functional Description. ABM’s PLC logic is part of the solution to eliminating venting, minimising flaring and maximising biogas use in a boiler or engine.

The following illustrates some key parts that form an ABM biogas system.

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Covered Anaerobic Lagoon (CAL)

PD Blowers

For higher biogas delivery pressures ABM can provide positive displacement blowers with appropriate safety interlocks and control systems. These can include Hazardous Area requirements, acoustic enclosures flame arrestors, Methane Analysers, pressure switches and non-return valves.

PD Blowers

Knockout Pot

ABM’s knock out pots provide a reliable solution to removing free water from the gas stream. Typically they are manufactured from 316 SS and have various drainage options.

Knockout Pot

CAL Pressure Measurement

Accurate measurement of the biogas pressure under a covered Anaerobic Lagoon (CAL) is fundamental to eliminating venting, minimising flaring and maximising biogas use in a boiler or engine.

The following is a diagram showing set points on a typical system. Starting and stopping the flare or blower and selecting which CAL to draw from cannot be achieved successfully without reliable CAL pressure measurement.

To operate between these set points we use and recommend the ABM’s pressure intensifier. The Pressure Intensifier multiplies the CAL pressure by factor of 10 giving accurate reliable CAL pressure measurement.

CAL Pressure Measurement
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CAL Control Valves

The ABM CAL Control Valve is used to enable biogas to be selectively drawn from a CAL in a multi-CAL system. Actuation can be electric or pneumatic with starting and open position set via the ABM SureLink mechanism.

CAL Control Valves

Boilers and Engines

ABM can supply biogas only or dual fuel boilers.  Where the heat from biogas is significant relative to natural gas a dual register may be required.

Boilers and Engines


Quality, reliability and efficiency are key parameters in an ABM flare.

Our Flares are proven and are in continuous use.

Typical points of difference include the following;

100 mm Stack Bonded 1400oC Fibre lining

  • Higher residence temperatures
  • No Exposed metal anchor pins giving long life
  • High chamber temperature giving excellent destruction efficiency

Type R Stack Thermocouples

  • Higher Specification thermocouples for longer life

Flat bottom flame arrestors - stainless steel

  • Longer life
  • Prevents corrosion of element and blockage due to trapped water

Self-checking UV cell

  • Permits 24 hour operation to AS 3814 2.24

Our engineers will review your process conditions and recommend and design a suitable flare system. ABM standard designs include enclosed flares and candlestick flares as well as portable skid mounted systems.


Water Seals

The ABM Water Seal is used as a CAL pressure relief device. Water level is maintained within the seal above the biogas inlet. If the gas pressure is sufficient to break the seal the gas is safely vented at a high level.

The Water Seal has its own reservoir and pressure adjustments are made externally. No power sources are required.

Water Seals
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