A correctly sized gas flare is a critical element of a gas flaring system. We design and manufacture a number of different types and sizes of gas flares, each engineered to handle the gas flow for individual gas systems.

Our expert ABM combustion engineers will review your process conditions and recommend and design a suitable gas flaring system. Our standard designs include enclosed flares, temperature controlled for maximum destruction efficiency to meet regulatory requirements, Candlestick flares for small quantities of gas, and portable skid mounted systems.


The benefits of typical ABM flares may include

100 mm Stack Bonded 1400oC Fibre lining

  • No Exposed metal anchor pins giving long life
  • High chamber temperature giving excellent destruction efficiency

Type R Thermocouples

  • Higher range thermocouples for longer life

Flat bottom flame arrestors - stainless steel elements

  • Longer life
  • Prevents corrosion of element due to water trapped in concentric design

Low fire forced draft nozzle (burner)

  • Solid reliable central flame in high winds
  • High turndown

Self-checking UV cell

  • Permits 24 hour operation to AS 3814 2.24

Double block & gas train with position proving

  • Designed to AS3814 2.14

Surelink control valve

  • Variable flow control

Solar Spark Flare

The Solar Powered Flare is ideal for closed landfill sites without local services that are still producing methane gas.

The solar panel charges the 24VDC deep cycle batteries, with the process being managed by the control system.

Flare features include stainless steel double block gas train, stainless steel head, flame arrestor with temperature interlock and guy wires.

Operation of the device is by push button start using a local operator, but remote start and telemetry are optional features.

The flare was purposely designed for easy transportation and cost effective installation allowing it to be deployed across al wide variety of locations.

Solar Spark Flare

SEF Series

The ABM SEF flare covers flows up to 300m3/h. Features include: temperature control, stack bonded, fibre lined and a stainless steel stack.

OEF Series

ABM enclosed flares provide an economic, reliable and efficient solution for the destruction of waste gas.

Featuring high turn down and fast response time, the flares are particularly suited to working simultaneously with stationary engines.

ABM’s OEF biogas flares are very reliable, with high levels of destruction efficiency and a high turndown. The standard range covers up to 3,000 m3/h of biogas and is available in skid mounted and containerised options.

Containerised Flare

All ABM flares are available with containerised auxillary equipment. The container is built onto an enlarged skid and the outer areas of the container can be enclosed with either security mesh or water proof cladding.

Containerised Flare

Candlestick Flare

Candlestick flares (also called open or elevated flares) burn with a low intensity at the flare nozzle and the ambient air quickly cools the flame and the exhaust gases. Destruction efficiencies of up to 95% can be expected.

Candlestick flares are also cost effective solutions to enclosed flares, so are viable option for smaller sites and sites where monitoring of methane destruction is not required.

Candlestick Flare
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