OEF 300 Flare for Landfill Gas

OEF 300 Flare for Landfill Gas
Landfill site in Victoria
Equipment overview:

This is a newly designed, fully enclosed flare capable of 3,000m3 hr, with re-engineered pipeline placements. Using a PD (Positive Displacement) Blower, the biogas is extracted from the gas wells embedded in the landfill site at high pressure.

New instruments were designed and selected to deal with the high water content of the extracted gas and variable methane composition varies.

New refractory techniques were developed to improve performance in the higher combustion temperature range. The size of the new flare required a better air distribution technique, ABM designed and implemented equipment to stabilise the flame and control the fuel/air mixing.

The methane analysers and flow meters work in conjunction with the PDA blower and draw in the correct of amount of gas for each component.

Equipment is very consistent and emissions output is accurately measured. Electricity is being reliably generated from the landfill output, through ABM’s equipment.

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