Biogas Delivery System and OEF150 Flare

Biogas Delivery System and OEF150 Flare
Meat Processing Facility, Queensland
Equipment overview:

The by-product from the processing plant and waste water, are directed to Covered Anaerobic Ponds (CALs) and from here biogas is captured and used as an alternative fuel source to co-fire the boiler to produce steam for the plant.

ABM worked in close collaboration with the project engineers, to design a system of pipework which would effectively deliver the biogas to the boiler. Key elements of the projects produced by ABM:

  • Biogas delivery system including a PDA blower, methane analysers, pressure transmitters, CAL control valves, and water seals to control CAL pressure.
  • ABM specialist OEF 150 flare with high reliability, high turn down, fast response and good destructive efficiency.
  • The boiler which was modified to accept biogas, is now co-firing using the biogas and annual energy costs are expected to fall significantly
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