Solar Powered Flare

Solar Powered Flare
Mornington Peninsula
Equipment overview:

The Solar Powered Flare is ideal for closed landfill sites without local services that are still producing methane gas.

The solar panel charges the 24VDC deep cycle batteries, with the process being managed by the control system.

Flare features include stainless steel double block gas train, stainless steel head, flame arrestor with temperature interlock and guy wires.

Operation of the device is by push button start using a local operator, but remote start and telemetry are optional features. The Landfill gas fan operates at speeds up to 16,000rpm using brushless DC motor technology. Ignition is via twin direct spark electrodes and uses thermocouple flame monitoring.

The flare was purposely designed for easy transportation and cost effective installation allowing it to be deployed across a wide variety of locations.

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